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Attendance Clerk: Mrs. Maria Prado
To clear absences, please dial (909) 307-5440 and choose option 1

Email Mrs. Prado

Attendance Office Policies and Procedures 

Attendance, Check In/Check Out, Student Activities, and STIS 

  1. If you come to school late or need to leave school early, always check in and out of the attendance office.
    1. If you come to school late you must report to Mrs. Prado/Attendance Window for a tardy pass prior to going to class. If you come to school late, but you have a doctor’s/medical note excusing your tardiness, present the note to Mrs. Prado, and she will write you a pass to class.
  2. When you are absent, your parent/guardian should call the school at 909-307-5448 to notify the attendance office each day you are out. If your parents do not call, you are to bring a written excuse stating the day(s) and reason for your absence on the morning you return.
    1. Parents and/or guardians: When checking your student out of school early, you must furnish an identification card (e.g. driver’s license). This is for the safety and protection of the student(s). Parents and/or guardians must check student(s) out of school in person through the Attendance Office. Moore Middle School will no longer accept phone calls requesting that student(s) be waiting in the Attendance Office upon parent arrival for appointments etc. Please plan accordingly. FYI: Checking student(s) out of class through the Attendance Office can take upwards of 10-15 minutes.
  3. If a student is to be taken out of school for more than five days for a trip or for personal reasons, parents are to sign up in the Attendance Office to place the student on Short Term Independent Study (STIS) prior to the departure.
  4. Students must attend school the day of a school contest, dance, or event in order to participate in the scheduled activity.


Being in class, on time, is very important at Moore Middle School. Arriving late to class not only impacts the learning of the student who is late, it also disrupts the learning already taking place in the classroom.

Consequences for arriving tardy to class are as follows:

  • 1-5 Tardies  Classroom consequences
  • 6-8 Tardies Student Notification Postcard (Intervention #1)
  • 9-11 Tardies Tardy Workshop (Intervention #2)
  • 12-15 Tardies Campus Beautification
  • 16-20 Tardies No Go List and/or Saturday School
  • 21+ Tardies No Go List

* Students will be notified by the office about school-wide tardy consequences. It is the responsibility of the student to show up for their assigned consequences. Students who do not show up for their assigned consequence will automatically be put on the no-go list and picked up by a campus officer to serve their consequence.

* Students who earn 16-20 tardies by default will be placed on the no-go list. However, they can take themselves off by serving a Saturday school and have three weeks of positive attendance. However, students who surpass 21 tardies will be placed on the no-go list without the privilege of other options.

* If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the student’s counselor so we can support them in arriving to class on time.

Truancies and Cutting Class:

Period or all-day truancies may result in Saturday School and exclusion from student activities (NO GO List). Students may also receive a Redlands Police Department citation for daytime loitering and may also be placed on SART and SARB contracts.

Students, it's 'Time to be a Monarch'

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SART SARB & Chronic Absentee

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